This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you and your faithful support.

Look at some of what we’ve been able to accomplish together with God’s help.

The remodeled “Higgins” house, now home to Raymond and Rachael Heater, long-time KMHA workers.

Staff Housing

  • The old “Higgins” house has been completely renovated.
  • The old “Paulo” house is also undergoing extensive remodeling.
  • A new double-wide manufactured home has been donated to the school.

Facility Upgrades

  • Upgrades to classrooms and office spaces.
  • One classroom has been made into two smaller classrooms to help with our middle school.
  • All our classrooms have had the lights upgraded from fluorescent to LED.
An upgraded classroom
The Mt. Carmel Former Students Association (FSA) funded a major portion of the new roof on the Annex building. We are thankful for our former students and alumni.

Roof Repairs/Replacements Nearly Complete

  • We have been able to totally replace six roofs and have almost enough funds to replace two more. These roofs were severely damaged in a storm.

Student Tuition Assistance

  • Last school year we helped a total of twenty-three students with actual funds. Others were granted unfunded assistance because their needs were real, but funds were expended. We expect to be able to do as much or more this year.
“I see what God is doing at Mt. Carmel School and want to continue to be a part of the action!
I will donate now!”

A note about Online Giving

Accepting donations online is a win-win situation for both you and Mt. Carmel. It’s quick, safe, and paperless, and you can get it done before you have a chance to forget about it or lose your return envelope! (Sound familiar?)

This convenience does however incur processing fees (2.9% of the donation amount plus a 30-cents-per-transaction fee). So from a $100 donation, for example, Mt. Carmel receives $96.70.

You now have the opportunity to help us cover those fees by giving an additional amount. This is optional.

If you do choose to help us in this way, keep this important fact in mind. Using the example of a $100 donation, your total donation would be $103.30 but your receipt will be for $100 as the fee portion ($3.30) of the donation is NOT tax-deductible. You are simply doing a good deed and we sincerely appreciate it. Mt. Carmel ends the day with a $100 donation, you get a tax-deductible receipt for $100, and your donation has “cost” you an additional $3.30. You will always have the choice whether to cover this fee or not.

And of course, we remain happy to accept your check by mail if you wish to avoid these fees altogether. It’s not quite as convenient, but it works!

Thank you so much for your continued support of the ministry here at Mt. Carmel School.

Thanksgiving 2017

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Thanksgiving Greetings from the Mt. Carmel School Headmaster

Dear friend of Mt. Carmel School,

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for supporting Mt. Carmel School. I also want to let you know what your support has done, and is doing. I want you to praise God with us for the past, present, and prospects for the future. Finally, I hope to challenge you to continue to be faithful to the cause of advancing God’s kingdom.

Here are some remarkable things that God has been doing on our campus.

The first may sound negative in the beginning. Earlier this semester three of our people were in the hospital—Mr. Kerley, Dr. Murphree, and Mrs. Sharon Munson. The students, faculty and staff all prayed for these. It was exciting to hear a student say not long ago, “God has answered our prayers. All three people we have been praying for, are home.” In addition, we have had a highly qualified teacher volunteer to teach classes that were without a teacher due to hospitalization and illness. God is good to meet all our needs.

We prayed for our fall semester revival. Students are responding to the challenge to follow Jesus no matter what. We are doing our best to fulfill the scriptural foundation of teaching found in Isaiah 28:13 that God used on the Israelites: “Line upon line and precept on precept.” We know that they will not all get it the first time or the second, but by God’s grace, they will eventually come to the truth. I am encouraged by the fact that all our boarding girls and the majority of the boarding boys have signed up for voluntary discipleship groups.

Previous giving has helped us upgrade some of our classrooms and office spaces. One classroom has been made into two smaller classrooms to help with our middle school. All our classrooms have had the lights upgraded from fluorescent to LED.

In one of our last appeals we asked for help with meeting the large deductible of our insurance company for roof damages sustained during a storm. Praise the Lord we have been able to go above what we expected. With the help of God’s people, we have been able to totally replace six roofs with almost enough funds to replace two more. The insurance company was only committed to replace one and patch or partially replace others. Praise God for His goodness!

Upgrading staff housing has been a concern for us for several years. God is helping to meet that need. Just this fall someone donated a brand new double-wide home. We also have been able to totally remodel the old Higgins house. We have begun remodeling the old Paulo house and have funds on hand to do more work. Praise God for His generous provisions.

It is also encouraging to see how many students we have been able to help attend Mt. Carmel School by applying scholarship funds. Last school year we helped four students from our KMHA churches, four students from the local community, eleven campus children, and four students from outside our churches and community. This makes a total of twenty-three students that were helped with actual funds. Others were granted unfunded assistance because their needs were real, but funds were expended. We expect to be able to do as much or more this year. Thank you for helping us make a real difference in the lives of these children and young people.

Coming yet this year are two events that I am excited about. Our senior class will be spending a good portion of their Thanksgiving break on a missions trip to Indianapolis where they expect to work in the inner city with the homeless and the poor. In March, our Junior class will be taking their missions trip. These opportunities provide our students with practical ministry opportunities.

I hope that this helps you understand how we endeavor to fulfill our mission of equipping our students academically and praying and working hard to see our students spiritually transformed. Please give thanks with us for the extraordinary goodness of our God.

If you believe that God would like you to add actions to your thanks, here are some pressing needs that would be encouraging to see met.

  • $6,000 for a roof on one of our houses and on the girl’s dorm. (Some funds are on hand and labor for the dorm roof is being provided by professional roofers free of charge.)
  • Tuition assistance and scholarship funds to continue assisting needy students. (Last year we gave more than $12,000 in actual cash scholarship funds.)
  • General fund to help meet the needs of a busy campus.

We not only treasure your support and prayers, but we would also like to support you with our prayers. Often in our prayer meetings requests are made that come in from our donors. We do not want this to be strictly a one-way partnership. We are all God’s family and we need each other.

May God abundantly bless you during this Thanksgiving Season,

David C. Munson, Headmaster

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